The Garden, oil on aluminium, 31 x 32 cm

Watercolor 2014-2015

145 x 184 cm, acrylic on canvas

Runö 2014

The Cypress Writer, 2013


Dimman, 2013

Supermarket 2013

Karparna, 2011, laquer painting 20 x 20 cm

Laquertree – Material and Cultural Binder

A Parafrace of Goya, 2011, oil on black mdf, 31 x 18

Systraskapet 2010-12


The Healing

The inner eye


oilpaint on aluminium

Periodic system of elements

The Sara Hedberg Burning Cloths Show, picture of a still from film

Sara Hedberg Burning Clothes Show

Magician Tool Boards

Magician Tool Boards